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Bokola Film Festival: Exploring Social Justice and Accountability Through Film

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

The Bokola Film Festival is an annual event created by the Magamba Network to showcase the films created by the fellows of the ALZ Film Fellowship. Throughout this past year, the 9 filmmakers who were a part of this program had the chance to learn from established members of the filmmaking and social justice communities.

These masterclasses and practical hours the fellow invested culminated in the creation of a short film each. The 9 films explore a variety of social issues including mental health, climate change, and economic crises.

The event was held at Moto Republik, a creative hub just outside of Harare CBD. I found that this year's event format created the perfect environment for discussions and relationship-building.

Before the screenings, there were performances from a number of DJs and artists from Magamba Network's other initiative: Voice2Rep. While these performances were happening, attendees were free to sit and listen, mingle at the many seating areas provided, or even enjoy the Gaming Hub. Once the screenings began, attendees congregated in the front seating area, and the main event began.

The ALZ Film Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for aspiring filmmakers and social justice advocates to learn the skills and access the tools necessary to hone in on their craft.

The Festival itself offered a chance for these stories to be enjoyed. Both of these benefits are important for the growth of filmmaking in Zimbabwe, and I look forward to seeing how these initiatives continue to grow.


For more on the ALZ Film Fellowship, visit their official X account.

To see our video experience of the film festival, visit the official Movement Instagram page.


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