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Paper Weight: An Exhibition Celebrating Paper Across Art Practices (First Floor Gallery Harare)

I have only attended a few art exhibitions in my life, but I leave each one looking for information for when the next one will open. The Paper Weight Exhibition at First Floor Gallery was no different.

The First Floor Gallery is on the 2nd Floor of the Karigamombe Centre building. The location, free entry, and relaxed nature of the event made attendance accessible fo rthose interested in experiencing art in this form.

Rather than trying to describe the significance of this exhibition myself, allow me to share a section of the Curators' Note. The Note posted in the middle of the hall expressed the following:

While paper is the first go to for artists for developing concepts and thinking through new ideas, as an independent medium it demands of the artist the master its dynamics, technical complexities, while presenting unique opportunities for expression.

Even for the uninitiated, such as myself, the deliberateness and consistent story within each collection was clear to see. My personal favourite part of the exhibition was watching how each artist took their own approach to sharing of themselves in what may seem like a "simple" medium on the surface. I also enjoyed how certain artists integrated existing pieces of writing into their own expressions.

I hope to see more events like this in 2024 that give curious city-dwellers a chance to be exposed to, support, and celebrate local artists.


To learn more about First Floor Gallery, visit their official Instagram page.

To see our video experience of the Paper Weight Exhibition, visit the official Movement Instagram page.

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