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Shifting the Narrative: Mitambo International Theatre Festival

In the past, the education system in Zimbabwe has primarily focused on science, technology, and mathematics. If you were going to be financially stable and well-regarded in society, you needed to pursue medical studies, engineering, or maybe work in agriculture.

Times are now changing. Yesterday marked the start of the 5th Mitambo International Theatre Festival. This annual festival looks to spread awareness about the talent in theatre that exists in Zimbabwe, and across the world.

Through events like this, the hope is to change the narrative that surrounds the performing arts. Instead of viewing performance as a hobby, Mitambo is working towards creating an environment where artists can start and maintain long-lasting careers that actually pay the bills.

The organisation does this through their annual festival, as mentioned. They also do this through year-round work with schools and universities.

This year’s festival theme is “Converge”. One speaker during the opening night event related this idea to the convergence of STEM and art that needs to happen for true progress to be experienced in any given field.

Hopefully, we will see these dreams realised sooner rather than later. The work that artists do has been and continues to be important in making sure moments in time are documented. The art created also gives, creator and audience alike, a way to process the confusing world we live in.

Thank you Mitambo for the work you do, and the lovely event you put on last night. You still have time to purchase tickets to the festival! More information can be found on the official Mitambo International Theatre Festival Instagram page.

Pictured: scenes from I Am/Was Marah! written by Teddy Mangawa


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