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Terms & Conditions


1. The Member will NOT be permitted to accept an external booking (double booking) nor plan their own events on the same Day/Night or time of Employer’s requested booking after an agreement between both parties.

2. The Member will be expected to be at the venue on time 10mins before Setup/Soundcheck as stated upon event lineup provided by management. Every 15 minutes late the member is he/she will be Penalized the necessary amount from their salary by management. Please see “The Movement Membership Penalty charges sheet”

3. Members are expected to show up in pre-approved and confirmed attire, not anything less or more.


4. Members are to be well groomed at every performance (including personal hygiene, hair, breath and body odor, etc.)


5. Members are to arrive at a job/gig/booking sober and of right mind (drinking may only begin once set up and sound check has been completed). A maximum of two alcoholic beverages can be consumed by performing members before going on stage. Members found intoxicated or unfit to work or perform, Suspension without pay with immediate effect by management or supervision.


6. No alcohol is to be visibly consumed on stage and Models/Brand Ambassadors are to limit their drinking to 4 drinks until end of shift.


7. Any #TheMovement member performing or non-performing must note that, when in branded attire, members are to behave in a sober and professional manner that reflects positively on the brand. Any misbehaving, rude or fighting while wearing #TheMovement attire with customers/audience/clients will be Dismissal with immediate effect!


8. When on stage all members are expected to give their 110% regardless of mood or that of the crowd. Members are expected to perform with heart and passion as would have been previously rehearsed.


9. All members are to stay until the end of the performance.


10. #TheMovement member must market/publish the event that he/she has been booked to on at least three of their social media platforms.


11. In the case of an emergency and the member has a legitimate reason as to why he/she cannot perform or attend the event agreed upon, the member must inform management at least 3 hours before and must find a replacement for he/she’s position. Non-Compete Clause/Agreement A non-compete agreement is a legal agreement or clause in this contract specifying that a member must not enter into competition, under take the Employer’s clients, gig/jobs/bookings provided by the employer even after the employment period is over. These agreement will also prohibit the member from revealing proprietary information, intellectual property or secrets to any other parties during or after employment. For SIX (6) months after the effective date of this Agreement.


12. Upon signing to this agreement the member will be in agreement with our non-compete clause a. Remuneration: You as a member in your particular role or title will be paid in the following manner: • After every performance/work members will only be paid at the end of the event or the following week (latest) depending on arrangement with the client. • Each membershall be informed by management of payment RATES and STRUCTURE per booking, if unsure please contact management team. • For event performances where door taking may be the source of payment the above payment structure still applies. • All members are entitled to receive PROOF OF PAYMENT after end for works to avoid any confusion. • If for any reason payment has been delayed, the members will be informed in writing via email, whatsapp, call or printed letter by management. • If a member does not complete a full set, he/she will NOT get paid the full amount. • If a member does not play/perform then he/she will NOT get paid, whether or not their name was used for marketing. If you do not play you do not get paid. • Brand Ambassadors have been encouraged to participate in selling of merchandise. Commission from these sales will be paid out immediately by management upon receiving the client payment from you. • If a member has performed/worked with the Employer for more than a year, they are entitled to come forward for a rate/fee review with management. Certain items will be taken into consideration when deciding if and how much to increase your remuneration and these include; time keeping, loyalty and commitment to the group, jobs brought in and the individual’s general team contribution in terms of bettering Employer’s act and brand. • All members are to market and push #TheMovement’s mobile application on the social media platforms.

13) The Movement Entertainment Agency assumes no responsibility or liability for any Movement Member who fails to deliver services that have been booked for. As the
Movement Member is a third party and the Movement app is a Market Place for sourcing Entertainment Professionals.

14) The Movement Entertainment Agency assumes no responsibility or liability to ensure that
the client makes the payment to the Movement Member. As the Movement Member is a third party and the Movement app is a Market Place for sourcing Entertainment Professionals.

15) The client who has made the booking is responsible for paying the Movement Member.

16) The Movement Member is responsible for ensuring they deliver on the services they have agreed to provide.

17) The client making the booking should ensure they pay the Movement App service fees to secure the booking.

18) Although the Movement App is a marketplace and assumes no responsibility or liability, The
Movement Entertainment Agency will put effort to ensure that all parties involved will
uphold the agreements.

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