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DJ Laxton

My name is Tapiwa Laxton Chiota, Stage name “DJ LAXTON”. I have had a deep passion for music from a very young age. I remember back when I was younger, my friend’s brother had a P.A system and those Old school CD’s, I touched them once and I fell in love, that’s the earliest memory I have of ever wanting to be a DJ. 


My uncle {the Real Laxton: initial owner of name} was a DJ, the same uncle who passed away before I even realized what he did. When I learnt this from my mother, it motivated me only to get better. My best friend RonK04 motivated me to move out of the house & try my skills in the industry coz I was a little hesitant at the time.


In 2015 I got my first gig, a street hip-hop tour in Harare where I feel like I definitely delivered: {all things considered} I had no fear, I was ready and I was super confident because I had practised for a few years at home.

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