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Beyond Dry January: Exploring the Shift Towards Low/No Alcohol Options | Boozeless Beverages

We are officially in the month of February after what has felt like the longest January to have ever existed. By now, the celebrations of the holiday season are out of our systems and the implications of “New Year, New Me!” have truly hit.

According to Forbes, improving fitness, health, and diet are in the top 5 most common resolutions for 2024. “Drinking less alcohol” trails later on in the list of top 15 resolutions.

Each of these resolutions, like any other goal, require individuals to simultaneously remove an undesired habit and replace the habit with something else. Improving your diet could look like eating fast food less often, and instead, opting for wholegrain-focused meals.

The goal of drinking less alcohol follows the same principle. You can aim to drink fewer alcoholic beverages, but if you want to give yourself the best shot at succeeding, then you need to find a replacement for your usual go-tos. The more enjoyable the replacement, the better!

For those looking to reduce their alcohol intake or live a sober lifestyle, companies like Boozeless Beverages are key.

Boozeless Beverages is a beverage distribution company based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The company provides customers with alcohol-free options ranging from imported sodas like Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola Cherry, sparkling wine alternatives, and local favourites.

In an interview with #MNews, the owner of Boozeless Beverages expressed how they have inadvertently found themselves a part of the low and no alcohol community that has been growing globally over recent years. 

The IWSR, a leading source in researching and reporting on global beverage trends, reported in 2022 that the sale of no and low-alcohol products is a market contributing to over ten billion US dollars in sales. 

They also reported that the reasons behind this growing market vary from person to person. A person may choose to purchase less alcohol because of finances, health, and any reason in-between.

Pinpointing why more people are opting for 0% is difficult, but what’s clear is that selling non-alcoholic beverages is becoming more and more lucrative for beverage sellers.


How about you? Could you see yourself replacing your favourite red wine for a sparkling grape beverage? Let us know on the Movement Instagram.


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