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Crafting Quality in Every Bottle: Discovering Premium Gin in Zimbabwe (Mwen Gin)

Source: @mwen.gin

There is a community online for almost every interest that exists. This is the whole premise for websites like Reddit and Discord. After what was arguably the “most online” year to date, 2020, the need to bring these niche communities to physical spaces has grown more than ever.

Local brands like Mwen Gin are meeting this need here in Zimbabwe.

Mwen Gin is a premium craft gin brand based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The gin came to market last year, and now offers 2 distinct gin flavours: Original London Dry and Rose Garden. Both gins are handcrafted and hand packaged in small batches and available for direct-to-consumer delivery.

Source: @mwen.gin

Currently, a bottle of Mwen Gin starts at $30.

Potential customers should know that the company brings more to the table than just their quality product; they also bring an experiential component to everything they do.

If you visit the Mwen Gin website or Instagram page, you will be introduced to their 4 signature cocktails. For beginners, the cocktail recipes provided give customers detailed instructions for how to integrate the gins into accessible and well-tested mixed drinks.

Source: @mwen.gin

For more experienced gin-drinkers, the recipes provide a foundation for further creativity.

The interactivity doesn’t stop there. Mwen Gin also offers enthusiasts “The Mwen Gin Experience”. This is a private food and drink experience hosted by Mwen Gin upon request. You can also meet the team behind Mwen Gin and their professional mixologist partners at events throughout the city like Market at Queen and the Farm at Art.


For more information about Mwen Gin, visit their official Instagram page.

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