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Daughter of the Soil: Through the Eyes of Actress Deborah Kabongo

Photo Credits: @morelife_media

On 6 December, Daughter of the Soil premiered at The Screening at Padonhodzo. This short-film directed by Derrick Manieca has stunning visuals and features work from a number of different Zimbabwean creatives, including Deborah Nyasha Kabongo, who kindly shared her experience with me for this article.

Kabongo is a half-Congolese, half-Zimbabwean, multi-talented artist who has established herself in Zimbabwe and abroad in the dance industry. She is also a writer and actress. In Daughter of the Soil, she acted in the role of Goddess of Fire. Through this role, Kabongo was able to combine her passion and skills in acting, as well as dance movement.

When asked about her perspective of the film, Kabongo described the story as “a journey of a young girl facing society-imposed insecurities stemming from the pressures of technology”. 

This is a personal story for Kabongo, as she herself has had to navigate similar pressures throughout her public career. Often people who don’t know her personally feel the need to weigh in over social media and in-person on everything from her appearance to the details of her craft.

During the 9 months that Kabongo was a part of the project, she was able to see firsthand what the balance between patience and perfection looks like. The production team experienced many growing pains during the process, but the feedback they have received since the initial premiere has been positive.

Kabongo hopes that this film, and the other stories she has the chance to share, will provide audiences with a healthy escape from the pressures of the world. She also hopes that these stories will help women of all ages embrace the backgrounds and characteristics that make them special, regardless of what society’s opinions may be.


To learn more from Deborah Kabongo and to see her other work, visit her Instagram page. For information about the film, visit the Daughter of the Soil Instagram page.

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