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Grammy-Nominated Artist, Dr. Chaii Celebrates His New EP: Minister of Enjoyment

Dr. Chaii, also known as Philip Kembo, is a Zimbabwean-born and raised producer, artist, and songwriter. He has been publicly active in the music scene for over. Since then, he has worked with artists all over the world such as Sean Paul, Dua Lipa and French Montana. His work in the industry has resulted in multiple Grammy nominations from 2019 through 2022.

On August 31, Dr. Chaii released an EP titled, Minister of Enjoyment. The EP features 8 songs and has a runtime of 21 minutes. You can listen to it on YouTube, as well as across streaming platforms.

On Saturday the 16th of September, Dr. Chaii celebrated this album release at a music and fashion event held at Emagumeni, a restaurant/bar that is a favourite amongst young artists, made in Zimbabwe fashion companies, and other creatives.

The event included performances from Kae Chaps, Denimwoods, Suhn, and Probeatz. Fashion brands Corropt and Haus of Stone were also featured alongside and as a part of the musical performances.

Congratulations to Dr. Chaii on his album release 🎉.


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