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Green Initiatives Across Africa: From Reforestation to Sustainable Cinema | Green Screen Drive-In Cinema

The UN released a report at the end of last year indicating that efforts to fight climate change are moving too slowly. This is discouraging to hear, but that does not mean that no progress has been made.

In Africa, we’ve seen efforts like The Great Green Wall plant millions of trees in the past 10 years. Trees for the Future, another nonprofit initiative, is helping farmers across Africa plant sustainable gardens. Both of these projects are rehabilitating African soil, providing a path to food security, and reducing the effects of climate change on the continent.

Nonprofits are not the only organisations that are becoming more climate conscious. Take Green Screen Drive-In Cinema, for example.

This venue was modelled after the iconic cinema set-up popularised in the 1920s in the United States. However, in an effort to be more climate conscious, Green Screen has added its own twist to the concept.

Drive-in cinemas are a form of outdoor cinema where patrons bring and sit in their own cars. This is the movie theatre version of overland camping.

According to the UN Road Safety Fund, about a quarter of all global emissions come from cars. Admittedly these emissions are hard to avoid, but Green Screen has made a decision to make the rest of its operations as eco-friendly as possible.

Embedded in the natural cycle of the environment is the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen by plant life. This is an essential part of maintaining life on Earth. To promote this cycle, Green Screen does what it can to take care of the trees and grasses on its property.

The entire venue is made with impermanent structures, including wooden stakes, tarp, and repurposed shipping containers. This impermanence allows Green Screen to leave as little impact on the local wetland environment as possible.

The versatility and openness of the space means that the venue can be used for multiple purposes. Individuals and companies are welcome to book the space for personal, corporate, and public-facing events.

The venue has also incorporated solar panels that generate enough energy to handle the company’s day-to-day operations.

There is still far to go as we fight climate change, but it is encouraging to see both nonprofit and for profit organisations doing their part to fight for a better future.


To contact Green Screen Drive-in Cinema, reach out on Instagram.

To learn about other Zimbabwean companies doing cool things, follow The Movement on Instagram.


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