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Hot Summer Festivals ☀️ September 2023

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1. Introduction

After what felt like an endless winter, the time has come for warm summer nights and festival season! Whether you are looking for new local artists to listen to, or simply a place for your friend group to have good-natured fun, festivals in Zimbabwe have come to represent the bringing together of art and culture.

If you are looking to beat the heat alongside local artists and cooler boxes, then read on.


Table of Contents


2. Summer Freshman Party in Bindura

Summer Freshman Party is a live music event featuring performances and DJs held primarily for university students. The next time you can enjoy this event will be on 15 September. Tickets start at $3.

For more information on the event, visit Bling4’s Instagram.

3. Midlands Burnouts in Gweru

Burnouts have become an integral part of modern Zimbabwean culture, particularly for young people around the country. On 16 September, Mahogany will be taking the event to Gweru for a full day of cars, music, and family-friendly fun. Tickets start at $5.

For more information on tickets and timings, visit the official Mahogany TV Instagram.

4. Shoko Festival

Shoko Festival is a multi-day event experienced around Harare and Chitungwiza that focuses on urban culture. This year, the festival will be running from 28th September to 30th September.

There will be performances from over 10 artists, a free conference held at Moto Republik centred around digital media trends, and a comedy roast. Tickets start at

For more information on ticketed events and the full concert lineup, visit the event’s official Instagram.

For information on the free conference, visit the official Moto Republik Instagram.

5. Stanbic Jacaranda Music Festival

The Stanbic Jacaranda Music Festival is another multi-day music festival. Unlike other music festivals that focus primarily on performance, this event focuses on the business of musc, while also providing performances from the top artists in the country. Tickets start at $20.

For more information on tickets and sessions, visit the official event Instagram.

6. Conclusion

Every week a different festival is announced to be held across Zimbabwe. Each of these events provides audiences with an opportunity to support their favourite artists, creatives, and speakers. Not to mention, many of these events are held over multiple days, allowing for weekends full of entertainment for you and your friends and family.

Follow @the_movement263 on Instagram for updates on more concert and festival opportunities.


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