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Live Concerts You Don’t Want to Miss ☀️ October 2023

1. Introduction

September is almost over, and we’re looking ahead at what concerts are coming up in October. Already a number of concerts have been advertised and have tickets available.

Here are 3 concerts to get you started as you plan out your activity for the month.

Table of Contents

2. Saintfloew Album Release Party

Saintfloew will be releasing his second full album, Rise and Lead, on October 7th. His first album performed well with over 181,000 plays on Audiomack in the 4 months that it has been public on the site. (The album was originally released in 2022 on other platforms.)

The album release party will be held at Alex Sports Club. More information is available on Saintfloew’s official Instagram page.

3. Nasty C and Cassper at FiestaFiesta

Every month, FiestaFiesta comes to Harare. The event is known to host celebrities, local musical talent, food vendors, all in a grand party environment. On October 14, Nasty C and Cassper will be joining the party and performing as part of their “African Throne World Tour” at Alex Sports Club.

Tickets start at $15. More information is available on the official FiestaFiesta Instagram page.

4. Kadoma Music Festival

On the 14th of October, the annual Kadoma Music Festival is going to be held at The Odyssey Kadoma. This festival offers attendees the chance at a road trip experience with a tent accommodation option, as well as access to a golf tournament. In addition to these experiences, the festival will also have a musical lineup including Jah Prayzah, Winky D, Alick Macheso, and more.

Tickets start at $15. More information is available on the event’s official Instagram page.

5. Conclusion

As you can see, there are already some exciting events coming up in October and there are sure to be many more. If you would like to receive updates on where to be this summer, join The Movement at the top of the website.


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