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Shisha Saturday: A Rooftop Chills in the Centre of Harare

1. Introduction

Shisha Saturdays have made a reappearance. This rooftop chills event made a first appearance back in 2018, and the last one happened just before the COVID lockdowns. Since then, we've been waiting for an opportunity to bring back the experience to the residents of Harare.

2. What is Shisha Saturdays?

More than anything, the Shisha Saturday experience is about enjoying time with friends while on a rooftop overlooking the beautiful scenes of Harare. In the past, the event has been held at The Flame rooftop on Harare Drive.

This time around, the event took place on the rooftop outside of First Floor Gallery, Karigamombe Centre. The views did not disappoint. From the rooftop, attendees could overlook Samora Machel Avenue and watch as rush hour traffic began, reached its peak, and subsided.

As the sun set, you could also watch as the surrounding office buildings switched on their inner lights, creating a beautiful cityscape.

3. The Music

The skyline wasn't the only feature. Attendees also spent the night enjoying live music from talented musicians Dave (on saxophone), Panashe (on drums), and St. Emmo (as DJ).

To listen to more of their performance and to be notified when other Movement events happen around the city, follow the official Movement Instagram page.


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