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Skug Market: A Rising Star in the City's Market Scene

This year, there has been no shortage of markets across the city. Known markets, like Old Stables Market and Market at Queen, continued on strong. While up-and-coming markets like Skug Market began making their mark.

Skug Barn is a restaurant and bar in the Marlborough/Mt. Pleasant area. The establishment opened earlier this year, and has been active in its efforts to create a new space for creativity and wholesome fun.

To generate foot traffic and build community, the restaurant has embraced weekly Thirsty Thursday Games Nights, and even 20% off drinks for the month of December.

Skug Barn also became the new host of Afrobeyond, an event for house music lovers.

In the midst of these weekly and monthly events, and daily operations, Skug Market was born. 

Skug Market is a family-friendly weekend market that happens on most Saturdays and Sundays. The first edition came to fruition on 18 November 2023, and since then, the Market has received positive reception from vendors and attendees.

From the outside looking in, it can be difficult to understand what makes Skug Market stand out in what may look like a saturated industry. So, let’s hear firsthand what the weekly vendors had to say.

The first vendor I talked to is Ropafadzo, the owner of The Beauty Village. As a seller of personal care and cosmetic products, she finds that the smaller scale of the market offers more opportunities for individual retailers.

At the time of publication, Skug Market offers free vending spots to those interested, and provides information on tent rental and setup, for those who need the assistance.

The second vendor I spoke to is Lucia, the owner of House of Lucius. Lucia fabricates and sells handcrafted jewelry. In her interview, she spoke about how Skug Barn has created a peaceful environment where families and individuals can find rest and enjoyment after a long week.

Ropafadzo and Lucia both noted that the entertainment and food aspects of the Market bring joy to even the slowest of days.

In the new year, I look forward to seeing the growth of Skug Market and the businesses the event is empowering.


To learn more about Skug Barn and the Market, visit their Instagram page.

To learn more about local businesses and events, visit the official Movement Instagram page.


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