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Song Release Fridays 🎵 September 23-29 2023

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

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1. Introduction

Another week has come and gone, and it’s time again to go over a few of the musical moments from this week.


Table of Contents


2. Slyme SZN

We’ve seen multiple lyric videos drop from Slyme Foxx on the Off Center Department YouTube channel. These tracks are all a part of Slyme SZN, an album that has been slowly releasing over the past 3 weeks.

Throughout the album, you’ll hear features from Icey Ekxne, who Foxx has collaborated with in the past. You’ll also hear features from other young Zimbabweans such as Karville, Therslicks, Trayn Dillinger, and King Mataz.

3. “Hakuna”

A few days ago, Bryan K released a song featuring Tamy Moyo and Kayflow. This release comes 2 months after the release of Bryan K’s As I Am 12-track album. The song’s lyrics centre around faith and praise.

4. “Ndichatarisa”

Gemma Griffiths also released a gospel song, “Ndichatarisa”. This is her first new release of the year. Between TikTok and YouTube, it looks like the track is being well-received. The track was dropped alongside an EarGround interview, as well as a visualiser.

5. “We Live and We Learn”

Poptain, who has had multiple popular tracks drop in the past few years, also joined the music release party with the release of the official music video for “We Live and We Learn”. The song was originally released with a mic session video two months ago.


This release list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the long-awaited release of Saintfloew’s album: RISE AND LEAD. As of posting, the two tracks from the album that have been released are trending on YouTube Music. The rest of the album will be out publicly on October 7 after the launch event at Alex Sports Club.

7. Conclusion

It's exciting to see that going into the last few months of the year, artists have not lost their steam. If anything, it looks like the rest of the year is going to be packed with album release parties and celebrations of all kinds.

We know there are so many songs that have been released in the past week alone that were not showcased on this list. Head over to The Movement Instagram or tag #themnews to let us know what songs we missed, and which songs you are most excited about.


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