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Song Release Fridays 🎵 September 9-15 2023

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If you have been keeping up with Zimbabwean music at all, then you already know that 2023 has seen the release of multiple albums, tens of singles, and music videos from artists across genres.

The past few months alone have already seen releases from Holy Ten, Nasty C, Kae Chaps, and more. This week has been no different with releases from OCD artists Icey Ekxne and Slyme Foxx, as well as Voltz JT, Julian King, Takura, and Calvin Mangena.

The consistent stream of new tracks into the Zimbabwean music scene is exciting to watch as it signals a growth in the demand for music created by local artists. Here are a few notable songs that dropped this week.


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2. “Zvikagodii”

Icey Ekxne and Slyme Foxx are both managed by Off Center Department, a Zimbabwean Promoter and Record Label. In this past year, Ekxne and Foxx have each released 10 or more songs. Their music has positioned them to be favourites amongst teen and young adult listeners.

The latest of these tracks is “Zvikagodii” which came out on 10 September.

3. “Same Drawer neGown”

Voltz JT is another young artist that has been making the rounds in Zimbabwe over the past few years. Last year, he released his debut album “Life of Muvhimi” which has over 740,000 streams on Audiomack alone.

On Tuesday, 12 September, Voltz released the short track “Same Drawer neGown”.

4. “Oxygen”

Julian King has a publicly available discography going back to 2018. He has toured and played concerts around the world, but continues to produce original music featuring both Shona and English lyrics.

The long-awaited “Oxygen” music video came out on 12 September.

5. “Amalanga”

Last, but certainly not least, Calvin Mangena released “Amalanga” featuring Takura on Wednesday, 13 September. Mangena is an up and coming artist based out of Bulawayo, but has managed to make waves in the short time that he’s been active. On the other side of the spectrum, Takura has been in the public eye for almost 15 years and has amassed over 8 million streams across platforms.

6. Conclusion

All in all, we have much to look forward to as the music industry in Zimbabwe builds and matures. Hopefully, we will continue to see more new artists sharing their craft, as well as artists being able to make music a sustainable career.

Which of these new releases is your favourite? Let us know on socials by tagging #themnews.


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