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Sunday Funday: Music and Food for the Whole Family

1. Introduction

This past Sunday was a beautiful day, as Green Screen Drive-In Cinema, The Jam Tree and RDR Events combined forces to host a Sunday Funday Picnic that was memorable event for all those who showed up.


Table of Contents


2. The Music

The first artist to perform was Josh Ansley. He performed a wide range of music, including throwbacks from Amy Winehouse and Coldplay. His versatility and vocal style was entertaining, and allowed all age groups present engage and vibe to the music. This was important since this was a family-friendly event with children as young as 1 years old in attendance.

The combination of the pre-rainy season breeze and the feel-good rhythms made the atmosphere perfect for an afternoon of relaxing.

There was also a DJ who played for a few hours after Ansley’s performance. His choice of music added energy to the remainder of the event.

The event advertised Majozi as the headline performer. Majozi is a South African artist. Unfortunately, the #MNews team did not see him perform, because he arrived after the event had officially ended.

3. Entertainment

As for the entertainment, children were so gleeful when they saw the jumping castles and the snack shed. There was euphoria and giggling in the air as they got soaked in water, as they slid down the water slide. There was also a jumping castle. We wish we could have joined in on the fun as adults!

Instead of enjoying the jumping castle, the adults enjoyed the chilled vibe of the music played by DJ Joe. When the evening came, rugby fans had the pleasure of watching the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals between England and Thailand on the big screen in HD quality.

4. The Food

Attendees had the option of purchasing burgers, hotdogs, and grilled chicken at a reasonable price.

For those who were looking for a much cheaper alternative, there was a snacks tent which provided various options as well. When it came to refreshments, there was a drinks tent sponsored by Golden Pilsner which sold Delta beverages.

5. Conclusion

All in all, the day was glorious as individuals enjoyed the food, the relaxed ambience of the music from the comfort of their picnic blankets, outdoor chairs, and bean bags.

To hear about events like this before they happen and to watch our Sunday Funday experience, follow The Movement (@the_movement263) on Instagram.


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