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The Mexican Sport Taking the World By Storm & Where to Play! (Padel Zim)

Source: @padelzim

1. Introduction

According to the Daily Mail, Axios, and even Vogue, Pickleball and Padel are the fastest growing racquet sports. Each of these sports provides a unique opportunity for sports lovers to practice their skills in new ways.

Padel alone currently has over 25 million players worldwide. What’s exciting is that a portion of those players are right here in Zimbabwe!


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2. Where to Play & Pricing

Those interested in playing this rapidly growing sport can visit Padel Zim at 170 The Chase, Harare.

1-hour court rental is $30, and racquet rental starts at $2.50 per person. Be sure to check Padel Zim’s official channels for updated pricing.

With racquet and ball rental available, this environment is perfect for beginners who are new to the sport. In addition to equipment, Padel Zim also offers education to the curious through their public Instagram posts. The club also has recommended coaches that can provide personalised training.

If you get hooked on the sport, Padel Zim also offers purchase of racquets starting at $260.

3. How it Works

In Padel Zim’s own words,

Padel is a hybrid of squash and tennis. On a court a third of a tennis court in size and encased by glass and metal mesh walls. Any wall can be used to bounce the ball off of, however it can only hit the ground once before returning.

A more specific explanation of the game’s rules is available on the Padel Zim website. If you have an understanding of squash or tennis, the rules should be easy enough to pick up!

Matches can be played as a singles or doubles game.

4. Conclusion

January is the perfect time to start exploring new ways of staying active. If gyms are not your cup of tea, why not try Padel? The beautiful location and straightforward rules make the sport ideal for playing with both family and friends.


For more information on Padel, visit the Padel Zim Instagram page or their official website.

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