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DJ Tannie Swiss

Tanaka (Tannie Swiss) is a Zimbabwean, open-format DJ & Graphic Designer who emerged on the scene in 2010 and has been on this journey since then. His main inspiration was drawn from a number of big names when it comes to the art of dying. Tannie Swiss comes with a whole new experience of blending multiple tracks and genres whilst djying in fusion with a number of live instruments as well.


Tannie is a main-stream house dj who has also appeared on the amapiano scene and gained the title of




Tannie Swiss has also gained traction on the international streaming stage with A number of his mixtapes topping the charts on major streaming sites. He is also a verified artist on Spotify hitting 3k+ listeners monthly.


Tannie Swiss is also the 2nd half of a DJ & Marimba duo, Skyroot, which is making noise in harare. Together with Wowrae percussion, they have managed to bring light to their events with an electric afro tech fusion set.



They even went on to blow up a hashtag on Instagram which is getting 5k + views within hours of posting #hararenights

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