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Fashion and Flavour: Unveiling the Beauty of Italian Culture in Zimbabwe | (Italian Fashion & Cuisine Week)

Italy has been a centrepiece of fashion and cuisine for centuries. And it’s not every day that you have the chance to experience an authentic celebration of these pillars of culture. Last year, however, the opportunity did arise.

From November 21 to November 25 of last year, the Italian Embassy in Harare hosted Italian Fashion & Cuisine Week in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

During the 5-day event, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy and educate themselves on the finer details of Italian design, wine, and food.

Days 1 through 4 consisted of food and wine workshops. Attendees not only indulged in the food, they were educated on the foundations of everything they tried. They learned about the cultural and practical importance of everything from amuse bouche, handmade raviolo, sirloin beef, tiramisu, and more.

Throughout the event, a recurring focus was the importance of attention to detail and mindfulness towards the environment.

The dishes served were prepared by Federico Zambon and Alvise Ballarin, two young chefs who have worked at the Michelin star rated restaurant Aqua Crua, Camaleonte Cucina Caffè, amongst other places.

The wine served was sourced from Le Lore winery, a winery that has made significant effort to minimise soil depletion and the use of chemical products.

The last day gave room for the fashion element of the celebration. The fashion show also embraced the tenets of detail and eco-friendliness, with world-class Italian designers sharing their handmade eco-conscious garments.

The Italian Fashion & Cuisine Week and events like it give residents living in Zimbabwe, and those visiting, a chance to learn about and appreciate global culture as it has existed in history, and as it exists today.

We hope we will see more events like these in this new year.


For more information about the Italian Embassy in Harare, visit their official website.

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