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Crazy Fitness: An Intense Circuit Workout Worth Trying

1. Introduction

The Thursday sun was setting, and going to sleep in her brown earthy bed. Her warm glow lit up the front area of the gym. I was very excited as I got out of my car, unaware of the “brutal work-out” regime that lay ahead of me. I felt confident in my abilities, and thought the name “Crazy Fitness” was an exaggeration. How wrong I was!

A few people started to trickle in, and the air was heavy with anticipation. St. Emmo’s DJing created an energetic atmosphere that had people tapping their feet. Even I felt like dancing! Soon enough, the trainers called us to attention, and we gathered like sheep ready for slaughter. Our little exercising adventure had begun.


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2. The Experience

With a bright smile, our main trainer walked us through the workout while her partner did all the physical demonstrations. My heart sank more with each demonstration, and the smile on my face gradually slid off. This routine looked impossible! I was visibly frightened, and the trainer tried to reassure me. This was not what I had expected!

We worked in pairs, starting with a lunge-bicep curl combination. This was not so bad. My strategy was to preserve my energy and start slowly. This seemed like a good idea on paper, but not practical because we worked in 45-second high-intensity segments.

My legs got heavier and heavier. I was sweating so much, but there was no time to think about all this. We had to push through. The second trainer was very helpful, and he would correct us whenever we were doing the exercises inaccurately.

At this point, the only part of my body that was still functioning properly were my arms, so I was delighted when the time came to use the rowing machine and skipping rope. But that’s not to say that the workouts suddenly became easy.

We had a water break, and I literally gulped all my water. My legs felt like jelly and I was breathing hard. I had underestimated how brutal Crazy Fitness would be. I winced when I realized that we had to do the circuit all over again. I wiped the sweat off my face, we started again.

This round was slightly better, because now my body knew what to expect. The exception to this was the jumping squats. I only managed to complete 3 in the 45-second round. My body was crying at this point!

When the circuit finally ended, I was so relieved, and all I could think of was my comfortable bed. I suspect I was not the only one; everyone looked shattered at that point.

3. Conclusion

Looking back, this was an unforgettable experience and I quite enjoyed myself. Although, I know my body did not share these same sentiments at the time. In a way, I felt rejuvenated and proud that I had completed the course.

Personally, I was very skeptical of exercising in the gym when I could simply do so at home. However, this experience has definitely changed my mind and I would not mind doing another, after my body recovers of course!

To watch a video version of my experience, visit the official Movement Instagram.


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